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HOSA Handbook 2017-2018

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Fundraising Ideas

The ideas contained in the document below have been collected from assorted youth-serving organizations including HOSA chapters.

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HOSA Week Ideas

HOSA Week is a time to celebrate your passion for health care! Use the list provided here as a guideline to planning your week - or share your chapter's creative HOSA week activities with fellow Nebraska HOSA members via the Nebraska HOSA Twitter page and the Nebraska HOSA Facebook page!

National Service Project                                  

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), as selected by the 2016 Voting Delegates, will be the focal point of the 2016-18 National Service Project. Stayed tuned for more information regarding NAMI and National Service Project guidelines! 

HOSA E-Magazine

Providing HOSA members with everything they need to know about HOSA, right at their fingertips.

TeamHOSA Leadership Guide

Members, officers, and teachers can stay up-to-date on leadership trends, ideas, competitions, and surveys.


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