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Volunteer for the 2016 Nebraska HOSA State Leadership Conference. 

The Nebraska HOSA - Future Health Professionals State Conference is in Omaha on March 21-22 at UNMC. They are looking for volunteers who can help with a variety of activities including judges for competitive events like Medical Terminology, Sports Medicine, Dental Science, EMT, and many others.

Sign-up to volunteer here:  http://goo.gl/forms/j4pCE4v1gE

Why does Nebraska HOSA need partners?

HOSA is committed to preparing future health professionals. Our members will someday be your employees, members, and customers. In order to provide our students with the best opportunities to prepare them for future success, we need to form collaborative partnerships with the healthcare industry and current health professionals. HOSA needs the help of the healthcare industry to be an investor and partner in building a pipeline of future health professionals who are motivated, goal-directed, and prepared to pursue the credentials required in their chosen specialization.

What does a partnership look like?

Each partnership with Nebraska HOSA is different. Some partnership opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Serve as a member of the HOSA Board of Directors
  • Judge Competitive Events at State Leadership Conference
  • Present a hands on health science workshop to members
  • Mentor a State Officer or Local Leader
  • Provide supplies needed for conferences and Competitive Events
  • Exhibit at out State Leadership Conference Education and Career Fair
  • Host a conference at your campus or facilities
  • Advertise in our conference materials
  • Award scholarships to deserving HOSA members
  • Speak at a local HOSA activity or at a state wide conference
  • Sponsor a competitive event to provide awards for students
  • Offer internships or shadowing experiences
  • Fund the State Offic?er Team's Washington Leadership Academy experience
  • Promote HOSA | ?Future Health Professionals

Who do I get involved with Nebraska HOSA?

?To begin a partnership with Nebraska HOSA and help build a pipeline of future health professionals, contact Kori Jensen, Nebraska HOSA State Advise?r, at 402.471.4815 or